How we approach cybersecurity

At TriSecOps, we believe that transparency matters. Our own cybersecurity operations support that thinking. We share our approach to help you think about your own story and how you can move into cybersecurity as a growth driver.

Who is on our team

All of the team have been correctly identified, during hiring, and have the right to work.

One Identity

We use a central staff directory to manage the life cycle of our team and, where possible, we extend this into other platforms through enabling technologies such as SAML and OAuth.  We use multi factor authentication to protect as many tools as is supported and also enforce the use of a trusted Password Manager to mandate incredibly complex passwords across the board.

By the way, we don't enforce password changes, we teach our team to have that one strong passphrase to unlock their password manager, and go from there.

Trusted Platforms

We are 100% cloud, from our directory through to email, collaboration, planning and financial solutions. For each of our platforms, we undertook an assessment to ensure they met our critera for protecting information. As we grow, we review the solutions to ensure they continue to meet our needs.

Physical Security

We're a team that is out with our clients, so our approach is somewhat different.  We're more concerned that our team can work anywhere, the office network does not provide any more security than working with a client.

We use VPN's as needed,  keep our laptops and phones up to date and encrypted along with using end point protection technology.


We have our privacy policy available and internal practices that treat information that has been entrusted to us with a higher level than our own.

Last Updated June 24 , 2021